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  • Hears Crow
    Hears Crow

    Nootauau Kaukontuoh, “she hears it from him, the crow” – Hears Crow, is a woman of the Eastern Woodlands. She lives her life in the tradition of the Nanhigganêuck, the people known today as the Narragansett. She is a Storyteller of Longhouse Tales told in the oral tradition, including some with Native Sign Language.

  • Jim Brulé
    Jim Brulé

    Jim Brulé is a maggid – a transformational storyteller, teacher, and mentor with a very diverse background: he has advanced degrees in clinical psychology and artificial intelligence. His online school – Transformational Storytelling – trains spiritual storytellers from multiple traditions to tell stories that inspire healing and spiritual growth.


Aug 01 - 04 2024

The Living Tapestry

This program is designed as an interactive and collaborative journey. Engage in guided meditations, workshops, and discussions that encourage self-reflection and communal exploration. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, drawing inspiration from its rhythms and patterns. As the threads of storytelling, spirituality, eco-spirituality, and indigenous wisdom converge, a living tapestry unfolds, inviting participants to weave their unique stories into the collective narrative.

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