Spiritual Direction

Enhance Your Relationship with Self, Others, God, and All Creation

What is Spiritual Direction?  Do you wish to deepen your spiritual journey? Would you like to integrate your spiritual insights into your life choices?

Meeting regularly with a professionally trained Spiritual Director enables you to expand your spiritual life and integrate spirit into your daily life.

The simple sharing of your life experiences is a rich source of meaning and understanding of how God is ever-present and active in your daily life and how you may be called to greater fullness of life. Genesis has a staff of professionally trained Spiritual Directors with areas of experience and expertise including aging, creative expression and poetry, body image and food issues, Contemplative Practices, grief and loss, the mystics, Ignatian Spirituality, BioSpiritual Focusing, EcoSpirituality, and 12 Step Spirituality.

Spiritual Direction/Accompaniment focuses on the Divine Presence in daily life and seeks to enable a person to respond to the movements of that Presence in ever deeper and broader ways by intentionally meeting with a spiritual director/a companion on a regular basis to share about what is happening in their relationship with self, God, others and creation.

The gifts for you could be:

  • Growing in personal identity by trusting the deep needs of your heart
  • Learning to grow in your spirituality
  • Becoming more aware of the Divine Presence in all of life’s experiences
  • Listening and watching, in a contemplative mode, for the movements of Spirit and the counter movements of resistance
  • Deeper and more meaningful discernment in making choices
  • Healing wounds experienced in life’s journey

If you are interested in tending to your spirit in an ongoing way, then spiritual direction may be for you. A session is one hour. Donations average $45 to $65 per session. However, please do not let finances prevent you from this service. To learn more about whether Spiritual Direction is right for you, email JoAnn or call her at 413-364-9796.