Spiritual Life at Genesis

Genesis offers several models of retreat, all of which feature time for reflection, integration, prayer, and movement. 

Silent Directed Retreats

Spiritual Direction


BioSpiritual Focusing Retreat


Guided Retreats

Our guided retreats are facilitated by one or more leaders who offer daily group presentations, prayer and/or ritual on a selected topic or theme, over the course of a weekend or week. Our guided retreats also include time for personal reflection, and integration with the land at Genesis and cultivating community.

Silent Directed Retreats

Are you longing for more time for solitude and deepening discernment? Give yourself the space to simply be still. To listen. To be. A silent retreat gives you time to center on your relationship with God.

Each retreatant is paired with an experienced spiritual director who will meet with you daily to listen and serve as a spiritual companion throughout the retreat. Aside from these daily conversations and the time you set aside for your own personal prayer, your time is unstructured so that you can take opportunity for rest, reflection, and time outdoors in our 19 acres, arboretum, and labyrinth. We have an art space in the Carriage House for creativity and writing, as well as a chapel for meditation. Nearby there are parks with areas to walk or hike.

Bio Spiritual Focusing

BioSpiritual Focusing re-awakens your senses and allows your body’s wisdom to guide you into greater wholeness. It is “sensing” unique personal meanings and directions that come form deep inside you. As you immerse yourself in this life-giving and life-changing process, you will become more aware of the sacred that you carry in your body and the movement of grace in your life.

Spiritual Direction

Do you wish to deepen your spiritual journey? Would you like to integrate your spiritual insights into your life choices? How is spirit present in your daily life? Meeting regularly with a professionally trained Spiritual Director can help you expand your spiritual life experiences. Genesis has a staff of professionally trained Directors with various areas of expertise, including aging, body image and food issues, grief and loss, and 12-Step Spiritually and recovery issues. To learn more, please contact the Genensis office 413-562-3627.


“He said to his disciples ‘Come away to some distant place all by yourselves and rest for awhile’ for there was so many coming and going that there was not time for them to even eat” ∼Mark 6:31

Do you hear a familiar echo within this invitation? Are there so many people or things in your life, ministry, or work “coming and going” that you have little time left for quiet reflection? In a relaxed and informal atmosphere, Genesis offers you time and space for rest. reflection, reading, and the pursuit of your individual interests.

One of our staff members can assist you in planning your own program. Sabaticcal space is available for a one-month stay, or up to nine!

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