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Job Summary

The Executive Director (ED) is a highly professional leader with depth of spiritual understanding and experience grounded in the Roman Catholic faith able to bring expertise, vision and direction to Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center (GSLC).  This position requires the ability to work within an evolving environment and to oversee the Operations and Hospitality Manager who leads several operational areas. In addition, the ED heads a team comprised of the Program Manager, Spiritual Director and Registrar. 

The ED is required to work effectively in a matrix structure, reporting directly to the Chair of the Genesis Board and to the COO of the Sisters of Providence Ministry Corporation (SPMC), the parent corporation. The ED works closely with the local Board in addressing overall strategic goals, programming direction, fiscal stability, and smooth daily operations. With the Board, the ED is responsible for assuring the present and future success of Genesis Spiritual Life Center.  The ED is guided in these efforts by a rich spiritual tradition that is rooted in the charism of the Sisters of Providence of Holyoke.  Hospitality and compassion are central to the mission of Genesis. The ED is a person of integrity, has an ability for prayerful discernment while, in collaboration with others, has an open mind and heart, is respectful of self and others, able to communicate clearly and directly, is self-aware and self-reflective. The ED is able to create a vision that is in alignment with Roman Catholic Social Teaching, understands Catholic values and ethics, and is in tune with eco-spirituality.  

Sisters of Providence Ministry Corporation (SPMC)

Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center (Genesis) is a subsidiary entity of SPMC and enjoys the support of this parent organization.  There is a matric reporting relationship between the Executive Director of Genesis and the COO of SPMC and with the Genesis Board. The COO provides support in areas of human resources, risk management, employee benefits and legal activities, such as letters of agreement, contracts, leases, policies and procedures and is jointly responsible with the Board in conducting the ED’s performance evaluation.

Primary Job Responsibilities


  • Understands Genesis Spiritual Life Center’s culture and demonstrates the ability to integrate the Mission of Genesis on all levels. 
  • Possesses confidence to be the spokesperson representing Genesis effectively to guests and to the larger community locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Supports, articulates and models Genesis culture of hospitality and care of mind, body and spirit.
  • Is respectful of and committed to keeping alive the history of Genesis and the Sisters of Providence. 
  • With the Board of Directors, plans for the future vitality and sustainability of the organization through effective strategic planning and program development.
  • Is responsible and available on off hours to address program and plant requirements.


  • Directly oversees the staff responsible for programming, finance and registration.
  • Coordinates marketing messaging to the outsourced marketing agency.
  • Oversees day-to-day operations through the Operations and Hospitality Manager including, housekeeping, dietary, and facilities management which encompasses the material conditions and ongoing maintenance of the Genesis grounds, plant and property.
  • Oversees risk management and legal activities: letters of agreement, contracts, leases, insurance policies and other legal documents. SPMC provides support in this area.
  • Ensures the on-going maintenance and updating of information systems and infrastructure, including hardware, software and the phone system.


  • With the Finance Committee, develops and manages an annual budget, (operating and capital), sets priorities, and monitors organization performance metrics. 
  • Oversees all financial plans and reporting, reviews and analyzes financial reports. 
  • Directs and supports fund development and fundraising activities.

Program Development

  • Works diligently with the Program Director and Marketing Agency to integrate effectively Genesis programming and marketing.  Assures programming fits with strategic directions set with the Board.
  • Develops, implements and measures impact/outcomes of new programming.

Personnel/Human Resources

  • Has general knowledge of human resources practices within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding regulatory and legal compliance.   
  • Along with the OHM, recruits, hires, and determines compensation for non-salaried positions.
  • Provides training, guidance, and development as needed, including new employee orientation.
  • In consultation with the Executive Committee of the Board is responsible for the selection of and changes to key personnel.
  • Conducts annual employee performance reviews in a timely manner.
  • Is able to identify and resolve interpersonal conflicts constructively; displays patience and tack; has a positive, supportive attitude; and consistently maintains confidentiality.

Board Interactions

  • Maintains professional interaction and works together with the Board of Directors and its Committees, especially in managing the organization, reporting financial and operating results, providing financial, planning, marketing and fund-raising reports.
  • Collaborates with the Board of Directors in developing plans for strategic positioning of the organization. 
  • Works with the Board Chair in planning meeting agendas, preparing and distributing materials of the Board in a timely manner. 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities  

  • Must be able to embrace the unique culture of a retreat setting that emphasizes welcoming hospitality and the charism of the Sisters of Providence.
  • Have previous experience with managing staff, negotiating agreements, financial management and in overseeing the management of vendor relationships..
  • Possesses excellent management and communication skills, knowledge of finances, budgeting, and the dynamics of fund raising/marketing. 
  • Must be self-directed and flexible, possessing the ability to work collaboratively with staff, Board of Directors and Sisters of Providence Ministry Corporation. 
  • Have the ability to identify and implement best practices, think strategically, and along with the Board plan for the long-term success of the organization.
  • Must possess leadership skills, confidence, self-motivation, cost-consciousness and strong problem-solving skills. 
  • The ideal candidate will have a degree in theology, contemporary spirituality, religious studies, or equivalent and relevant management experience.  Preference will be given to candidates with experience with spiritual retreat/conference center management.

Section II: Reporting Relationships

  • Reports to the Genesis Board of Directors and to the SPMC COO.
  • Maintains a responsive relationship with the leadership of the Sisters of Providence Congregation.
  • Has responsibility for leading or supervising the work of Genesis employees.

Full time benefit package includes health and dental insurance, paid time off (PT), paid holidays and more.  To apply. kindly submit a cover letter describing your interest and sense of fit with the qualifications of the position plus a current resume to 

Anne Chapdelaine, SPMC COO

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