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  • Pam Fitzpatrick
    Pam Fitzpatrick

    Pam* (she/her) considers herself an optimistic realist who knows the value of the joy found in simple things.  She is a long-time bubble-blowing, stargazing, beach-loving BEING who believes in the many treasures given to us by the Divine and Nature.  Most of her career in social work is possible because of her understanding that we all are a strong, fragile individual who thrives with the potential for growth and change.  Our core is rich with gifts, let’s take and make some time to rediscover them together.


Mar 15 2024


10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Enough? Enough. Enough!

Exploring the word “enough” from many perspectives, we will seek to discover and be open to a variety of understandings of the concept. We will journey from questions to statements and declarations. Utilizing music, group and dyad discussions, our time will be spent sharing our own and hearing others’ examples of how we all experience this word. Some questions to consider might include: Why is it we often don’t feel as though we are enough? When do we feel as if we have enough/are enough? What things fill our longings with enough? How can we best pursue and what is the balance of enough? Feel free to bring your own questions, ideas, favorite quotes or material you find inspiring. We all come from places of strengths, struggles and doubts. Carve this opportunity to contemplate, breathe, stretch and BE. Let’s walk a part of our spiritual journey toghether.This is one of those invitations, an offer for you and others interested in these questions and more to come together. There will be time for individual reflection, enjoying the peaceful setting of Genesis, during and after.