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  • Pam Fitzpatrick
    Pam Fitzpatrick

    Pam* (she/her) considers herself an optimistic realist who knows the value of the joy found in simple things.  She is a long-time bubble-blowing, stargazing, beach-loving BEING who believes in the many treasures given to us by the Divine and Nature.  Most of her career in social work is possible because of her understanding that we all are a strong, fragile individual who thrives with the potential for growth and change.  Our core is rich with gifts, let’s take and make some time to rediscover them together.


Feb 29 2024


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

NOW CANCELED Lenten Simple Supper Series 3: At the Table …

Unfortunately due to low enrolment, this program has been canceled. Please call with any questions (413) 563-3627.

At the Table…
Please join me as we pivot to consider this topic together virtually.
We will be exploring some of our own lived-experiences gathered round the table.
Looking at a number of Biblical references where there are Divine invitations, we will discuss what it means to prepare and serve a meal. We will spend some time reflecting on the impact of a guest list.
If times allows, given this season of Lent and theme of “Simple Supper”, we will also ponder the challenges and benefits of fasting, refraining and sacrificing.