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Biospiritual Focusing

Biospiritual Focusing

Focusing is a simple and practical way to access your own bodily wisdom, thus enabling you to be more present to yourself, to others and to God. In fact, it is about your own body’s sense of grace. It is the place within you of unfolding creativity and healing. BioSpiritual Focusing will enable you to be more present to yourself, others, God and the whole cosmos.

In September 2017, the BioSpiritual Institute (BioSpiritual.Org), founded by Fathers Ed McMahon and Peter Campbell, welcomed Mary DuQuaine as Exective Director.  Mary will support and build on the works of two Centers which offer BioSpiritual Focusing programs:  Loyola Institute in Orange California and Genesis Spiritual Life Center in Westfield, MA.  For almost 40 years, Genesis has been a home for BioSpiritual Focusing programs.  We are thrilled that Mary will be advancing awareness of this marvelous body-wisdom based Spirituality.  We are most grateful to the members of the Institute Board for their unwavering support of Genesis.

To learn more about whether BioSpiritual Focusing is right for you, contact Donna at Contact form or 413-562-3627.

A quote from one of the participants in a 6-Day Guided BioSpiritual Focusing retreat at Genesis speaks for itself: 

“The 6-day BioSpiritual Focusing retreat was fantastic. The whole program greatly exceeded my expectations.  The combination of a class in the morning, followed by an individual session in the afternoon was perfect.  The rest of the time was unscheduled, so I was free to process what I had learned.  The individual sessions were powerful.  After the first individual Focusing session, I felt like I had done a year’s worth of therapy in one session!  The facilitators were top notch.”

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