53 Mill Street, Westfield, MA 01085 • 413.562.3627
Date:April 20th-22nd, 2018.
Time:6:00 PM
Category/Categories:Spiritual Enrichment
Health and Wellness

Friday supper to Sunday lunch

“Every haiku poem has to have a gasp where God can enter… [so must] every life, I think.”    Dawna Markova 

We’ve all had times of happiness, fleeting, ephemeral moments that dissolve like stardust in the light of our daily lives. But when was the last time you felt joy? True joy is the experience of surrendering into the flow of the present moment, of cracking open our hard shells and allowing the Light of Life to enter. True joy is a state of being. Spend the weekend immersed in a Yoga practice that draws you into the interior space of your body and the present moment. Guided meditations, breath work, and supported poses will relax the tight grip of tension, soften the mind, and release you to taste the sweetness of peace.

Let the beauty of presence break you open to joy and divine bliss.

All ability levels are welcome. Kindly bring your own mat.

Begins Friday with supper at 6:00pm and concludes with lunch at noon on Sunday. Fee: Resident with private room, $295; Semi-private room, $270; Commuter with meals, $210; Commuter without  meals, $175.  Deposit $100.  Balance due 14 days prior to start of program. 

Leader: Kathy Niedzielski


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- Thomas Berry