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Date:September 25th-30th, 2017.
Category/Categories:Spiritual Enrichment
Health and Wellness

Many of us are among the walking wounded. Sometimes we know it; oftentimes, we don’t. We just know that we feel driven, drained, and/or chronically distracted, all of which are symptoms of unhealed, unacknowledged, or under-healed pain. 

During this retreat, Betty Hill Crowson will outline a “process” for identifying, moving through, and recovering from these inner wounds of ours. The retreat will provide a safe and nurturing environment, conferences, written exercises, rituals, individual time with the retreat director, small group sharing, music, practical steps for healing, and humor!  

If becoming “Healed, Whole, and Healthy” are goals you have for yourself, this is definitely the retreat for you. This retreat is open to women. men and couples.

Begins with supper at 6:00pm on Monday and concludes with lunch at noon on Saturday. Cost $495. Deposit $150. Balance due 14 days prior to start of retreat.  

Leader: Betty Hill Crowson


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